Capital Group

The Digitree Group S.A. has created a strong Capital Group around it, consisting of a total of ten companies, thanks to which the Digitree Group is not only advanced proprietary systems for marketing communication but - above all - comprehensive solutions for companies, implemented by one partner. We lead our clients from goal to effect, taking responsibility for our activities. We have proprietary technology, tools and data thanks to which we know end clients’ purchase intentions, interests and behaviours. We can analyse them, draw conclusions, create recommendations and personalize actions. .

Apart from the Digitree Group, the Capital Group includes the following companies: INIS sp. z o.o., Salelifter sp. z o.o., Ju: sp. z o.o., VideoTarget sp. z o.o., Adepto sp. z o.o., Cashback services sp. z o.o., Sales Intelligence sp. z o.o., Fast White Cat S.A. and SARE GmbH.



Technology and advanced tools, dedicated IT solutions to support sales and companies’ marketing communication.

Inis sp. z o.o.

Comprehensive support for effect-oriented online advertising campaigns, a mailing network with a proprietary mailing system, affiliate network that cooperates with over 1000 publishers.

Salelifter sp. z o.o.

Generation of sales leads, building and monetization of mailing databases.
88% shares indirectly through INIS sp. z o. o

JU sp. z o.o.

Shaping communication strategy, digital technology, graphic design, implementation and optimization of online campaigns.

Sales Intelligence sp. z o.o.

Design and delivery of effective marketing tools on the e-commerce market, dedicated services for online stores, involving the acquisition of consumer traffic.

Fast White Cat S.A.

Design of online stores based on the Magento platform, implementing omnichannel, increasing customer sales, preparing online marketing strategies, and SEO/SEM optimization.

Cashback Services sp. z o.o

The owner of the website, which provides free discount codes for purchases in online stores via a website and a mobile application.

Adepto sp. z o.o

Operates in the area of financial intermediation in the FinTech segment. Acquires traffic, verifies contacts in terms of interest in given financial products, and acts as an intermediary in sales.


E-mail marketing and marketing automation services provided on the German market.

Liquidation process has started

FORCE Foundation

Protection of people using electronic communications against violations of their rights, fight against spam


A total of 12 awards for the Digitree Group, INIS and Salelifter

Gazela Biznesu

Award for the Digitree Group, INIS and Salelifter

Krajowi liderzy innowacji i rozwoju

2 awards for the Digitree Group

Golden Arrow

Award for the Digitree Group

Orzeł innowacji

Award for the Digitree Group

Bloomberg Businessweek

Award for the Digitree Group

Top Developers

2 awards for the Fast White Cat

Financial Times

Award for the Salelifter


Award for the Fast White Cat